Why on Earth would you want to use bacteria in your skin care? Welcome DMK Enbioment

Ive heard that good bacteria is good for your skin but no one was able to tell me why. I've seen a lot of complicated skin barrier compromised individuals and they are desperate to find out what type of skin care would work for them. The weeping red acne or the rosacea type skin that isn't thriving to the dry and vascular conditions, the irregular skin processes we find in psoriasis . What we do know is there are shared similarities, but they all have comprised skin barrier. their skin isn't thriving and unable to protect itself. we also know that their skin products aren't giving them any relief and their skin conditions worsen.

Before even addressing the epidermis there are 3 layers that have to be considered. Microbe, acid mantel and the lipid layer. these layers work together to protect the epidermis but also allow optimal functioning for skin. you know the oily sweaty ph friendly sphere that protects your skin.

everyone will need these layers to work optimally to result in healthy and thriving skin. these layers are also a fragile flora microbe systems so stress, uv exposure, genetics, medications, harsh skin care products all play a part of damaging it.

So for all DMK clinics Embioment was introduced to their clients and clinic services. with a ph neutral cleanser, active serum and a mister, we know have products that we introduce to the current skin care regiment. Not only did it win the Best serum in 2020 by Aestheticians Choice but its also the only product on the market that uses live spores of bacteria. The skin industry is changing terminology and care regarding fungal and bacterial infection. why is this important? its important because we have identify that skin needs healthy bacteria to thrive, whatever condition its presenting.

With best practices. everyone can benefit from these products as add ons to their current skin care regiment. Establishing and caring for a very fragile flora system can be challenging but with scientific products and methodology we can assist with repair and maintain,- part of DMK remove, rebuild, protect and maintain.

Skin is always in

Rebecca@ Maskd

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