Why micro needling might not be the right service for you. mesotherapy vs electroporation

I'm not a big fan of microneedling, actually I don't offer it at Maskd. There are many reasons for this. Clients ask if they should have the procedure done to address their problematic skin conditions ranging from aging to revising scars. The truth is you might no be a good candidate for micro needling. You should be informed on why and what other services are available to you.

Of first importance knowing mesotherapy vs electroporation : Mesotherapy is needling therapy/puncturing the skin for direct delivery and electroporation is the use of electric therapy to make the skin cells permeable for direct delivery. They are both used in the medical and esthetic field and both are just as effective.

Perception: changing your idea on the most effective skin treatments. Some clients feel that a visible and painful procedure is more effective. This simply isn't true. Your

skin matrix is complex and your therapies should be comprehensive . Trans dermal delivery is possible with other non invasive treatment.

SO why might micro needling not be the right service for you

1. Your skin turgor and health is not optimal.

Truth is your skin isn't healthy enough. As a skin revision therapist, rebuilding dermis before any aggressive treatment is highly advised. Practitioners could say that this is why micro needling is needed first but, without a healthy skin matrix who knows what controlled trauma could result in. Your skin might be dehydrated, inflamed, pigmented, infected with pustules, sun damaged, highly stressed skin and overall lacking in good skin immune defense. You might have glycation and there isn't a good turgor to your skin. Micro needling will cause a wound healing response from cells that are already not functioning optimal, functioning poorly or has died. Causing new cell developing from an already underperforming epidermis could impact the result both client and practitioner had hoped for.

2. Risking blood barrier and contamination:

When you cross blood barrier you set yourself up for infection, contamination and exposure to blood borne pathogens.Most practitioners have best practices but there are horror stories out there. I can't stressed how easy accidents, oversights or just unfortunate events can cause a high risk situation. In these times, this aggressive treatment will place you more at risk.

3. Poor skin care products and pre /post care .

You are not on a professional skin care regiment before and after . YES ! skin care products matter and if you've wounded your skin you have to correct it by introducing home care skin barrier repair. Pre care is just as important as post care so red flags if the practitioner isn't planning these treatments with you.You should also be compliant to ensure the best results.

4. Wound defense vs Wound healing:

You are causing a wound to correct your skin condition but, it can cause a wound defense such as hypertrophic scarring, stressed skin, more pigmentation. The more stressed and unhealthy skin matrix is the chance for it to create a defense.

5. Factors that places you at risk.

You have inflamed acne, fragile skin, autoimmune disorders, rosacea, pigmented skin, and you live a lifestyle that will continual risk your skin for more damage like sun exposure, smoke, stress, poor nutritional intake.

6. Poor skill set/ under qualified and trained practitioners

We often read and see horror stories of poor mastery of the therapy. Too hard, too deep, too many passes leaving the skin severely traumatized. We are also seeing individuals who have access to needles up to 3 mm. completing micro needling at home with no education can cause severe damage to skin. This therapy isn't a DIY project.

7. Medical board vs cosmetology board.

Some states have banned estheticians to offer microneedling, some have restricted the length of needles to 0. 25 up to 0. 5. , some have it only offering it at a Medical spa. some have banned it completely only to offer it under dermatology care. With so much uncertainty its hard to place time and money in it.

8. Short term data vs long term data.

At this time, we don't have the length of data to know what the long term effects might be. We just don't know what will happen when we place products deeper into the skin by causing repetitive wound infliction. Lets keep Botox in mind, at this time we are experiencing muscle fatigue around injection sites.

Electroporation is a therapy where the skin is exposed to continual high voltage >50V. It changes the permeablility of the skin allowing easier product penetration on a cellular level. there's no downtown and hardly any contraindications. Most skin conditions can tolerate this therapy. As a skin revisionist, allowing your biology to work with a module makes me a fan.

There are many who have had great results from micro needling and many practitioners who are fans but, don't disregard electroporation.

Skin is always in

Rebecca @ MASKD

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