Why invest in pharmagrade skin care products?

1. Because you deserve so much more: Ask yourself what does this $20 OTC (over the counter) deliver? OTC can only by FDA standards stay on the skin and never penetrate. Fo real change in the skin we have to fundamentally revise the skin anatomy. add another $20 and purchase a product that will meet your expectations. I think you deserve that !

2. Cheap is cheap: you pay for active ingredients! so when you purchase a pharmagrade skin care line it will last longer. believe it or not. Ask your esthetician to model what the right amount is when applying your products

3. If your esthetician doesn't use it on your skin during a facial then neither should you: don't insult your skin by saying no to the products your esthetician uses and sell...then run out and slather some OTC products demanding the same results...wont happen ...sorry!

4. INVEST INVEST INVEST: you invest in a good handbag, pair of jeans, or maybe in education. invest in your skin. It represents you without saying a word, but makes a huge impact. trust and believe me

5. Its too Pricey? ask your esthetician what is needed first and then add as you go. remember consistency with products is always a good thing

skin is always in,


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