Why DMK Rebecca?

Clients ask why DMK when they review services at MASKD. its a valid question , so I often stop, breathe and try not to sound like a broken record. AESTHETICS IS HUGE BUSINESS (with tentacles in all spectrum of society) I bring this to my clients attention as they often are puzzled by the ongoing bombardment of advertisements steered and geared towards the latest fad. From vampire facials, to the latest peptide, to the new facial lift clients are like Moses in the desert. can I just say SQUIRREL !!!

So with facts I can state : Certain things are tested tried and true. its that simple> it can help clients decipher what they want, afford and invest in.

BACKGROUND The skin revision system devised by Dr. Danne M King or DMK continues after 40 years to ring true. Danné M King continues to train, speak, develop and stay dynamic in our field. As the system stays in place ingredients are tested, revised and or changed into something more dynamic. I don't engage in idolatry,as we are all humans, and this is not a cult, the energy and passion to ensure his life work and skin system he devised over 40 years ago continues to be commendable. Dr. Montegue -King's vast and deep knowledge of skin science in all areas continue to take my breath away. He is a force in our field both in aesthetic medicine, cosmetic chemistry and skin services . With life time achievement awards, a published author and world renown speaker he is always rooted in science...DMK = anatomy + biochemistry. DMK is a beacon to shine light on science and beauty immersed into a system. this is where DMK comes in to my little humble abode MASKD and why its the ONLY product line I have .

I was first introduced to DMK by my lovely aunt Anne Mette , who is an esthetician and CIDESCO diplomat. After completing esthetics school, she told me I wasn't not a true esthetician until I've understood and become a DMK skin revision therapist. well I took her word and I can tell you that I've never regretted it. I can look you in the eye and tell you this works, but let me break it down further:

1. its about science. anatomy + biochemistry =DMK . with the depth of training, involvement and excellence skin therapists are reared and steered to understand the fundamentals of DMK skin revision therapy. yeah you are expected to brush up on your bio chemistry and anatomy charts, because it is a part of understanding DMK. no fads, just facts. I often tell clients it's not about spa and fluff...its about revising your skin. This isn't a facial with cucumbers on your eyes and effleurage strokes ..THIS IS ABOUT RESULTS.

2. your skin cannot oxygenate from the outside ...the organ is anaerobic....let that sink in...that means we have to stimulate oxygenated blood back up to the epidermis..inside out. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE GADGETS AND LIGHTS in a spa room. know how and why it works. don't expect oxygenated skin after I spray oxygen on your face. DMK does not rely on machines, or gadgets. DMK relies on biochemistry to speak skin language to our skin cells. They take this fundamental understanding and devised the enzymatic process through their signature enzyme masque

3. Enzyme masque...why? well ....here comes the deep breathe......in a nutshell ..DMKs signature service provides enzymatic masques to activate your dermis and correct it. Whatever your skin conditions are, the introduction of these enzymes will start the process to correct them. that means if you have just dry skin the enzymes aren't going to say oooooooo I see acne and hyperpigmentation... lets start kicking some bacterias butt and knock on melanins door. enzymes orchestrate all molecular activity in YOUR BODY. your skin is smart, but it needs to identify the ingredients before it will start any process. t you can't unlock your car with your house keys, so an enzyme sees a problem it starts correcting it.

why we develop skin conditions will have to be in another blog..

40 years in a game of throne world known as aesthetics. ....enough said.

in a nutshell I cannot be a result driven esthetician without DMK ....that is why I use DMK ......

Skin is always in


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