What will be the new normal ?

When we finally emerge from quarantine and seek out place of wellness keep in mind it will look and feel different. Our business industry is currently scrambling to adapt, change and address the new guidelines we foresee . Though we know Covid 19 will pass, some changes will be permanent and now the new norm . Business will not be as usual, so what to expect?

1. Size does matter

There are new guidelines on square footage, person to one licensed person, and social distancing. Businesses in smaller areas can quickly turn their environment safe for everyone involved. Larger salons might experience opening delays due to their size an therefor protocol demands.

2. How hot are you?

Your temperature will be taken before and after each service. This is a temporary guideline but will remain in effect as Covid 19 runs its course. Expect paperwork to be completed prior or when you arrive. Some states will demand 6 months of documentation to track the virus.

3. Don't stand so close to me

Social distancing will continue and during your service expect to see physical barriers. This ensures safety for all .You will not be able to sit next to another person without some form of barrier. Masks and protective gear will be worn by your therapist and it might be demanded of you as well. It will look and feel different.

4. Bespoken to

All appointments must be scheduled in advance and walk ins are not allowed at this time. You can no longer wait for your service in the place itself. All this allows contamination control and completion of sanitary practices.

5. Wait!!! Where and why?

Expect to see an increase of cost. The cost of your service will increase due to factors such as shipping , cleaning and volume allowed . Some services might be risky to perform and temporarily taken off the menu. If you are looking for your favorite tea at your salon, don't expect to find it. No food or drink consumption.

6. Don't touch

Expect your favorite salon to be a bit more clinical and less accessorized. Keep in mind when arriving to touch less surface areas, including products. Ask your therapist to gather your products to ensure safety. No sitting, no touching and minimize contact as much as possible

7. Another one?

Experts say that we are scheduled for another outbreak of Covid in winter months. If you look at history most pandemics have secondary outbreaks. With the protocols in place hopefully we can continue to provide services if a second outbreak was to happen.

Good news is that everyone is working as hard as they possibly can to get you looking sharp and feeling well. We miss you as much as you miss your wellness team . In the meantime, you can help us by purchasing future appointments, make appointments, purchase products or gift cards. Until then stay safe and we will see you in the new norm

Skin is always in

Rebecca @maskd

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