with a serious and Wide spread pandemic on our hands, we face extraordinary measures to ensure that we flatten the curve and keep as many safe. This means that your beauty team is closed or have limited services. as you are quarantined and safe here is what we at MASKD would want you NOT TO DO.

1. DO NOT go to your local pharmacy store and pick up your favorite OTC brand. yes we know the times are tough and it will get tougher, but work with your esthetician regarding home care products and accessibility . This helps you in your skin maintenance but it helps your favorite salon stay in business .

you have worked way to hard to let this virus make your skin regress back into problematic skin.

2. DO NOT purchase invasive devices on amazon or with other online retailers. the most important reasons are you are inflicting wounds when you need good immune support to stay alive. the second is it takes skill and training to perform many of the therapies for optimal results. don't let a You Tuber or an influencer fool you

3. DO NOT PERFORM DEEP EXTRACTIONS because at this time our anxieties are high. you can develop excoriee. this is a nervous condition where causing physical inflections on skin can release your anxieties. The need for clean hands and hands off face to prevent contamination is so important. remember your esthetician disinfected and sterilize equipment before extractions.

4. DO NOT FORGET SUNSCREEN : I am certain that you will take some walks or leave the house for the much needed grocery run and in that effort use sunscreen. USE SUNSCREEN . all the data shows the safety and the preventive nature of such action.

5. DO NOT GO SOLO you are not alone and with modern technology I am certain your esthetician offers FaceTime consultation or other communications. If you are experiencing some skin challenges then reach out/ or maybe your esthetician already have. let us help you maintain and protect your progress. also with these stressful times we might see more skin conditions pop up due to stress, eating patterns and limited beauty services. let us help you change your skin routine to more calming and cleaning while ordering your skin care products

6. LAST but not least DO NOT FORGET TO WASH YOUR FACE. make sure you have a high quality cleansers. Make sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly during these times with a brush, so that you limited your hand contact to face. Make sure you have no open lesions and ensure that you cleanse your skin after any contact in populous areas

We face extrodinay challenges but together I know we will come out stronger.

please follow the DO NOTs .

Skin is always in

Rebecca @ MASKD

Certificate DMK clinic

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