6 Sassy Summer Suggestions🌞

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

This is is great time to review your current products and throw out old. Summer is here which means skin will need more protection and hydration.

Below are some points I give my clients regarding what to do and how to protect skin during summer months:

  1. Heliodamage is REAL! I see numerous of clients that regret their youth spent baking in the sun. Don't be the one regretting all those sun spots and maturing skin when you can prevent and protect!! who wants to look older?

  2. DARK SKIN IS NOT SUN PROOF!! just because you produce larger melanin and therefor have a darker skin tone does not mean you are immune to sun damage and UV/UVA damage.

  3. Wear larger hats and clothing to protect you. make a Diva Statement at the beach or on the river.

  4. Remember sunscreen to be reapplied every 2 hours. sunblock 30 is just as effective as 100. FDA has strict guidelines on what products can promise. the real protection is reapplying every 2 hours.

  5. Pharmagrade sunscreen will NOT clog pores. one pea size in palm of hands. rub your hands to create some warmth and then pat on skin. NEVER SMEAR.

  6. GET FACIALS that hydrate and protect during summer months. Im not a big fan of aggressively exfoliating skin during summer, but keep skin smooth, protected and hydrated is the way to go.


Betagel is an award winning serum that will create prevention by strengthening your langerhans cells. this means that when UVA UVB penetrates skin the cells are strengthen and not weaken.

Nutrascreen as a moisturizer with sunscreen for every day use. feed your skin and protect it. use over betagel

Herb and Mist ALL DAY! heat and sun will leave your skin dehydrated. misting your skin is every aesthetician secret to dewy skin.

reapply reapply reapply.

Skin is always in...


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