Stay smart and enjoy super safe services during these times

Estheticians are now slowly opening their clinics and I can't tell you how excited we are to see you. You might notice that your favorite beauty and wellness place isn't as cozy as before. Estheticians are following guidelines and best practices to ensure your safety, theirs and others. You might want to rethink some of your usual services until this pandemic is over.

1. Hopefully your Skincare regiment was kept ! This is big, actually HUGE. Estheticians were available through video consultation and product delivery to ensure your skin maintained. This always forward movement and not starting for scratch. If you are working on hyperpigmentation then you will know the need to stay on your skin care regiment.If you weren't then this is a great time to get stocked up. Your skin success starts at home.

Don't compromise your skins ability to protect you: You wear masks and gloves to protect yourself, and so does your skin. It is advisable that nothing harsh like derma planing or aggressive peels are done. What if your esthetician cuts you?, or weaken your skin by traumatizing it such as micro needling ? This can leave you susceptible to infection. Play it safe and have a dialogue with your esthetician. Trust me they have other great services that might surprise you

You're back and want to feel good! So have an immune boosting facial or a spray tan to help you feel sassy. There are tons of great services on the menu that can boost your skin and make it pop. Hydrating facials are great to combat the dreaded mask face. Keep your skin barrier and don't compromise it. There are safer exfoliation and skin removal products out there. As you balance good immune boosting services then start introducing your favorite therapies.

Change your skin care products to more immune boosting and anti bacterial. Ask your esthetician on how to maintain your products safe while at home and care. Your wellness team might have some tools to ensure limited cross contamination in your household. See is there are more misters and sprays that can be used on your skin. this is definitely reduce hand / face touching.

If your wellness team doesn't have proof of Covid updates and certifications of training, then show some caution. The room should be bare minimum to ensure your safety and wellbeing. All implements will need to be handled appropriately and with greater care. Greater time in between services are needed to ensure that all sanitation and disinfection are completed.

Remember this too shall pass. Until then stay safe and welcome back! We sure did miss You

Skin is always in

Rebecca @ Maskd

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