Seasonal Skin + Covid= Changes

This year has been quite challenging for everyone....and your skin. As this pandemic continues to linger we have noticed some skin care trends, skin care needs and mask etiquette.

So what can we do at home to maintain healthy seasonal skin while navigating holidays and covid.

Temperature change: yup! the temperature is changing and so will your skin needs. Your skin can become itchy, dry, oily and dehydrated. Acne conditions change as well. Change your skin care routine with adding additional products to help you. Because our skin is responsible for temper regulation and protection from the elements, series of changes will happen. If in colder climates introduce thicker cremes with barrier protection, in warmer climates you would want a cooler lighter product with barrier protection. Invest in body care products to address dry extremities. And ALWAYS USE SUN SCREEN...

Survivors of covid have reported skin conditions that are outlined in JAMA and other medical journals. Survivors report of rashes, pigment changes, and vascular presentations. Scarring from life saving medical interventions are also being reported. Its too soon to firmly report of covid skin syndromes but we do know that viruses change the human design. You will need to introduce some products that can help alleviate symptoms and side effects from medication you've had to take. Increasing hydration, protecting the skin microbe , and vascular protection continues to be safe treatments

Make sure you change your mask and change it frequently. Its always good to have a set in your car or purse to change into. Most establishments have courtesy masks. Remember masks absorb oil, sweat, makeup and bacteria. Make sure you are caring for your skin barrier during this time. Support it by using products such as DMK enbioment series and frequent mask changes. A drop of cinnamon, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus in a mask is always pleasant. It can assist with breathing ease and provide an antibacterial safe environment.

Invest in skin modalities like micro current and high frequency machines. This will help with skin freshness and muscle toning when you can't have access to your favorite esthetician. High frequency is a great modality as it kills bacteria.

Clean your brushes. This is often an overlooked subject but make sure what touches your skin is cleansed with professional grade products . MASKD recommends DMK Brush cleanser, professional graded product that sanitizes your brushes, and sponges

Focus on features a mask won't cover.: Invest in eye makeup, lashes, brow or nail products during the holidays. Try to reduce or eliminate skin makeup like foundation or blush. It makes your mask dirty and a haven for bacteria. Eyeliners and lash enhancements are great focus features. Invest in hair style and coloring to make that extra statement. MASKD continues to be a huge fan of Hawrych MD lash and brow products as will enhance eyelashes and brows. The products are safe and will not compromise your health and safety.

Healthy you = healthy skin: Stress is a major free radical that wrecks your skin. During the hoilidays, we eat and stress more than what we normally would. Adult acne is soaring for many reasons and stress and poor food choices are factors. Introduce Babor ampoules designed for each of your skin care needs. These are nifty, portable and can be applied during the day.

Increased Screen time = deeper skin fatigue. You are exposing your skin to blue light . Make sure you have products that alleviate skin fatigue. You want your skin bouncy, juicy and radiant. Introduce products throughout the day to block those harmful rays. Many choose glasses to help relieve eye strain, lets introduce skin products as well. Babor introduced pollution protection ampoule to assist and support skin. You can order these ampoules through and click on the Babor Shop.

Remember Skin is always in

Rebecca @ MASKD

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