Reapply reapply reapply

yes!!! you know using sunscreen prevents and protects, so why aren't we reapplying every 2 hours?

mostly I'm told I forgot, I didn't bring sunscreen, well I use 100 spf sunscreen so do I need to reapply. ?

here's some suggestions to make this easier

1. have sunscreen in different locations ie car, boat, purse, work.

2. shop sunscreen that's easy to apply. yeah believe it or not if its cumbersome you'll pass

3. face and body are different so make sure you're incorporating sunscreen in your morning routine for the face. getting trial sizes can make it easier when it comes to taking it with you

4. set your smartphones with an alarm.. yeah we are that serious.

DMK have great sunscreen protectants for both body and face/neck. odorless and easy to apply make sure that the products you choose are user friendly. Nutrascreen is an absolute must in my skin care regiment both at Maskd and in my personal care regiment. I find that feeing your skin while protecting it makes you more motivated to ensure you are reapplying. I do prefer body mister as an application preference with larger areas.

remember the 3 deadly S for skin damage

sun, smoking and stress!!

it takes 30 days to change behavior so small steps

skin is always in


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