Let fads fade

After attending skin care conferences this year, one thing is certain, the dangers of fads are real. I would argue that the skin and hair industry is highly led and even hijacked by fads. Some professionals in our field have argued that these fads have made beauty standards a form of entertainment. Fads also impair the professionals skill development making us more narrow minded as services revolve around that "look" or that result. Your portfolio can become dangerously one-sided and therefore undesirable. The challenge is to see the clients true look, advocate the development of the clients natural beauty and I would argue enhance their Natural look. Our challenge is to become multifaceted and a leader of beauty.

Fads can also impair the consumers ability to see their true self. The lack of self insight is becoming more obvious as its more important to have "the Look". It becomes highly challenging when that "look" your striving for is a different ethnicity trait or that one has to either fix permanently ie plastic surgery . we are all different with different challenges. fads unfortunately make beauty standards a one size fits all. seeing make up tutorials on you tube should be seen as entertainment. the question is does everyone need to have the same thickness of brows? or that contouring palette? or hair style? Fads can kill the uniqueness of you.

Skin services can also be influenced by fads. As consumers, don't allow yourself to believe that the new snail facial offered at an exclusive spa resort is better than other facials offered at your esthetician skin clinic. experiences and results driven services are two different spectrums.

As consumers of beauty products and services we must respect ourselves and what we bring to the table. as professionals we must also be able to say no to the streamlining of beauty and trust the power of uniqueness. so let those fads fade and jump ahead of what everyone else is doing.

Skin is always in


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