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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Im an esthetician who does not perform eyelash extensions or anything related to lashes. Its just not my forté. that being said I do enjoy healthy and long lashes. At Maskd we offer eye treatment services because we notice aging around eyes first. Longer and thicker lashes will make you feel and look younger.

I was introduced to Hawryck MD lash serum by a client, yes a client. I noticed while doing her facials that her lashes were getting longer and longer. Finally I broke down and asked her about them . she enthusiastically said HAWRYCK MD

I purchased the serum and started to use it , within 2 weeks I noticed naturally longer and healthy lashes. I'm now a fan. this was in 2018 and I can only say that Dr. Hawryck and his team are so deserving of these awards.

Here are some ideas:

If you have lash extensions and you can't fill them due to the quarantine ,do you lash technician a favor and start growing them by using serums. this will only make the service easier for the technician, cheaper for you and at least some form of normalcy being in quarantine.

If you haven't ventured out in the lash world then introduce this golden nugget in you self care routine.


When you purchase a DMK stay home kit you will find some products that you can use for a specific treatment. exfoliating with the exoderma peel, rinse and place your specific serum like the DMKs Direct Delivery C serum or even Revise A cream to strengthen the collagen and firmness.

The kit also includes a mini enzyme mask that can offer an overall lift.

you can purchase DMK Eye tone cream or the exclusive Eye Web from the DMK Transgenesis line its a great way to finish your mini eye lift.

Finish with your Lash Serum from Hawryck MD....note a little goes a long way and a bottle lasts up to 90 days.

Call MASKD to order your products or a video consolation.

Skin is always in.

Rebecca @Maskd

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