Fight with red lips and lashes

With the Corvid pandemic raging its war on the world, Im reminded of my grandmothers generation during their times of trouble. Their red lipsticks, big band swing and fighting spirit they developed a classic and timeless look.

2020: We are all wearing masks and practicing social distancing, we are quarantined with family. It can often result in appearance neglect . DON'T

My grandmother always told me to put some lipstick on when leaving the house, even if I was taking out the garbage. Having a red lipstick and good mascara can do wonders on our psyche. It envokes a good fighting spirit.

The red lips and lashes is a simple, dramatic and also easy to remove makeup look .

Why is that important? because during time of viral infection we want to keep things simple, easy and less complicated. nothing harsh in make up removal ,easier to ensure that it is removed completely without stripping the skin and therefor reducing the chances of leaving a pathway to viral infection..

With minimizing your makeup application it will allow your skin a healthy skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier means cleansed and protected skin. healthy skin barrier will also allow a better mask placement and less mask marks from wearing it .

eyes and lips are smaller surface areas but can easily be highlighted.

DMK Cosmetic have two fabulous red lipstick iconic red and cinema red.

Great lashes are all the rage. maintaining can be challenging at this time. purchase a good lash serum and mascara to enhance and grow while in quarantine. using a growth serum mascara can only help nourishing you lashes as they grow. we highly recommend Hawryck MD mascara

contact for pricing on this duo. they make great gifts for yourself or others ! all products are shipped or delivered.

staysafe at home

skin is always in

Rebecca @maskd

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