Fall is here, doesn't mean your skin has to!

This fall MASKD will introduce a new service series of body and facial firmness by DMK body enzyme masks, Neurotris microcurrent and now the MBK Body Curve device. By introducing professional grade modalities, we can target body cellulite, collagen depletion, and decreased body metabolism. DO NOT underestimate the power of change. does it work? ..did braces or those squats work ...? yeah ...sticking with it will show results.

Firmness and collagen rejuvenation continues to be a top service request. more clients are battling premature aging due to stress, over exposure to sun, poor diets, and even smoking/ pot included. ther decline of collagen production already starts around 25, so maintaining healthy and bouncy dermis is a must. Exposure to youtube and amazon, more clients are venturing out by purchasing products in hope of cutting estheticians out. most often we find that repairing skin health is the end result from this venture.

To battle these signs of aging one must make some overall changes and it starts by investing in you.

make these overall body series a must, prevention >treatment. meaning DONT WAIT until your skin is dragging .if you do, plastic surgery is a better option

you must invest in better products and use regularly. that means one purchase professional grade products ONLY .This doesn't mean a shopping spree at Ultra

Review your diet. yes your skin is what you eat.. as estheticians without degrees in nutrition we can not advise you but we can offer you literature that supports this claim. how you eat in your 40s can't be the same as you ate in college as a 20 year old. CHANGE will show results.

Professional services: most of us don't color or cut our own hair so why are you treating your skin and expect professional results? I find that most clients find an esthetician they trust.

if you feel like results aren't visible then ask yourself do you have some unrealistic expectations from a $50 facial? cheap is always cheap,

more science supports microbiology as an area of greater importance to skin therapies. working the network of our smallest of all capillaries we are able to stimulate lymphatic and vascular health. skin can only be fed through oxygenated blood and cells can start rejuvenate themselves.

visit us and schedule an investment in you

skin is always in


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