are you guilty of window-shopping for an esthetician?

Finding an esthetician can be complicated. you want to find one with expertise and knowledge in the current skin condition you are experiencing. don't make the mistake of being wowed by the nicely interior designed spa. You should know by now to not judge a book by its cover. I cannot tell you how many have fallen into that trap and over paid for crappy service. the window dressing isn't going to guarantee the best facial. To tell you the truth every spa or clinic has to keep their overhead low. what goes on in the back room would might result in you rethinking that pricey facial

So does Ritz Carlton or a dermatologist office always have the best estheticians? NO they don't!

these are some tips on landing a great esthetician

1. referral given by mouth. this adds face value... who wants to lie to their best friend? its the most intimate and personal referral one can give or receive

2. research....check their website or IG account. look at their results and how to reach them? if they are an acne specialist and you've got crows feet to work on then be mindful ,another esthetician might be better suited for your needs

3. Ask for a consultation: no harm no foul. you can visit the esthetician and their clinic. ask for a skin analysis and purchase their consultation time. you will quickly feel and experience differences.

4. Clinic setting: is the setting clean and well organized ? are the diplomas and certifications available. does it cause you chaos or calm? parking availability? accessibility? do you live far away?

don't let a chance encounter ruin a much needed service and therapy,

Remember skin is always in


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