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About NeuroEsthetics

NeuroEsthetics are specialized esthetic therapeutic services designed for individuals with neuropsychological/ neuropsychiatric disorders to enhance wellness and improve skin health safely and restoratively.    

NeuroEsthetics uses the skin care line SNOB for of all neuro esthetics facials. This product line contains CBD.  This product line is cruelty free, vegan and all plant base. 100% natural line made locally.

NeuroEsthetics was developed by MASKD at NeuroBehavioral Specialists  office in Jacksonville Florida .  

 NeuroEsthetics therapies

 NeuroEsthetics Facial therapy

Book monthly to enhance skin tone and texture. Designed to increase hydration, cleansing and rejuvenation, this facial uses SNOB products containing CBD. 

Advanced NeuroEsthetics Therapy

More advanced facial and body therapeutic services for overall skin restorative services. These services are more advanced and will need treating MD approval . 

NeuroEsthetics BioRest

This service is for therapeutic rest and relaxation. Experience a bio electro magnetic service designed to increase micro circulation, sleep, rest and enhance cellular health. This serve includes a rejuvenating scalp massage,

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