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Welcome to MASKD inc. 


MASKD is not a spa but a studio where we are focused on result driven skin services. The esthetics therapies are bespoken for to fit your busy life style. We believe that everyone should invest in their skin wellbeing. 

MASKD is a certified DMK skin clinic. Here you will experience skin revision program, not just a facial. If you are result oriented, or have skin conditions would like to change then DMK is the program for you. We also offer DMK skin care products in retail.

The studio is a provider of  certified and premier microcurrent therapies. These therapies are the natural Botox alternatives and a cornerstone to all age management skin care. 


MASKD welcomes BABOR to Jacksonville and Northern Florida. These skin care products are exclusively  used in all our European style facials. Found in luxury spas  worldwide, this product line is synonymous to luxury and wellbeing. Excellent for rest, relaxation and skin rejuvenation.

MASKD philosophy is not to complicate things in skin care but work methodically on skin conditions. No matter what skin condition you might have and corrections needed, we hope you choose MASKD.

Here at MASKD we have an open door policy. No matter what creed, orientation or sex we want you to feel comfortable in our gender neutral setting. We are not a spa but a skin clinic where we work on the skin conditions you present. 

Skin is always in, so schedule your next visit with MASKD. 

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